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Poultry Science - Sciences

Poultry is a category of domesticated birds kept by humans for the purpose of collecting their eggs, or killing for their meat and/or feathers. These most typically are members of the superorder Galloanserae (fowl), especially the order Galliformes (which includes chickens, quails and turkeys) and the family Anatidae (in order Anseriformes), commonly known as "waterfowl" (e.g. domestic ducks and domestic geese). Poultry also includes other birds which are killed for their meat, such as pigeons or doves or birds considered to be game, like pheasants. Poultry comes from the French/Norman word, poule; itself derived from the Latin word Pullus, which means small animal.

Career with Poultry Science:

Poultry production in India is primitive practice and today this science is emerged from traditional farming to highly profitable industry and research oriented enterprises equivalent to other important fields such as biotechnology, management studies and computer science. Currently, India is the third largest producer of eggs and fifth largest producer of poultry meat in the world. Indian poultry sector is advancing speedily. Candidate can choose poultry specialist as a career mainly in research, education, business, government & public sector and poultry industry. In Poultry Science, experts train students how to raise and manage healthy chickens, turkeys, and ducks for eggs or meat. Students learn to apply principles of biology and chemistry to develop productivity. They study animal nutrition and food science. Poultry science education provides a valuable contributor to human health.